Consider working with HauckEye

A trustworthy friend in marketing research to lend a helping hand.

HauckEye conducts qualitative and quantitative primary marketing research projects for clients. In a marketing research industry where so much work has moved to quick and cheap tools disconnected from the customer experience, HauckEye moves toward deeper and more personal interactions designed to explore consumer behavior in rich, meaningful ways.

My focus is on larger scale, meaningful projects to develop significant learnings while making a big impact on my clients’ businesses. I use my 35 years of experience to deliver real actionable insight.

Learn from the best in our industry and from specialists in other industries. The Lunch & Learn will expose you to new ideas, improvements on methodology and interesting concepts to up your game. In research and in life.

Connecting Generations

A research-driven initiative with the mission of helping professionals identify, understand, and navigate points of generational misunderstanding and disconnection.

Mentorship Opportunities

Mentoring is an important part of my commitment to our industry. It’s important and gratifying work. Sign up with me to be either a mentor or a mentee. You can even be both, because we all need mentors. And guiding mentees is a joy and a privilege.

Unique HauckEye Methods

Develop the best process for meeting customers needs with a Points of Truth Analysis.

I've developed a simpler and more elegant alternative to MaxDiff, and I am happy to share it with you.

Immersive Ethnography can help identify customers hidden needs. Focus on what people really do versus what they say they do.