Chris Hauck

The man behind HauckEye

A few years ago, I realized that there was something rotten at the core of my industry. In pursuing better, faster, cheaper tools and techniques, the research industry achieved faster and cheaper, but did not bother with better. So, in my usual defiance of most norms, I’ve passionately focused on the better. Faster and cheaper do not equal better. Better stands on its own.

I bring that same passion for doing the right thing to my work and my personal life. I’m dedicated to giving my talented family a platform to be successful and happy.  I work and play, I love hiking, snowboarding and mountain biking. I particularly love camping on the beach.

I’ve been lucky enough to have some of the best mentors and friends in marketing research. Some of my mentors have taught me how to conduct research creatively, while staying within the rules of sampling and method. Creative use of choice and experimental design, unique approaches to asking people questions and making sense of data. Others have helped develop my moral compass and my approach to life. From my college wrestling coach, to my long-term recently retired business partner, to my closest friends, to my favorite clients and to my own spouse. Treat people with respect and kindness, work hard, play fair, be creative, be upbeat and positive, have fun and take care of others. Simple rules to live by, but critical to living right.

My Superpowers

I have superpowers. Nothing that others can’t develop, but talents that I have developed over my career.

Relationships and attention to clients – I’ve arranged my work style to make sure that my client is the most important part of my work. The relationship with you is the driver of my business. I genuinely want to be here with you.

Attention to my craft – Marketing research requires detail and a keen look at the way we do our work. Every detail is critical in conducting a successful project. No detail is too small. Attention to detail is the most important determinant of a successful project.

Passion for my work – I am a marketing researcher. I enjoy conducting research and doing projects well for my clients. I particularly enjoy designing and completing a really challenging project. I love design. I love consulting. I love figuring out a challenging approach. I love teaching.

Creative research skills – Being creative in research design and analysis is my hallmark. It’s my greatest strength. Using my experience and desire to be creative allows me to develop projects that meet client needs. My experience and my creative use of the tools of our industry allow me to deliver for my clients.

Positive attitude – I approach everything with a very upbeat and positive attitude.  My role is to bring the people around me up, to work to build a good environment where everyone is respected and is heard.  We can do good work, and have fun doing it.  


Chris Hauck

Past History

  • 1987 — Beacon Associates
  • 1988 — GTE, now Verizon
  • 1993 — The M/A/R/C Group
  • 1996 — TNS, now Kantar
  • 2000’s — Lynx Research Consulting
  • 2020 — HauckEye

35 years of experience with over 60 unique clients, countless market research projects.