Marketing Research Services

From initial consult to final results, qualitative or quantitative research, local to global, your project is in good hands with me.

I am an experience moderator with more than 100 unique qualitative projects completed over 25 years of supplier side research. From initial design to final report, I can handle all of your qualitative research needs.

Qualitative projects of late have benefited from a considerable amount of video for data gathering and for communications of the results. I’ve recorded live customer experiences at restaurants, hotels and retailers and during the pandemic have turned to Zoom for groups and one-on-one interviews to bring the customer perspective to decision makers. As you can imagine, I’ve gotten pretty good at making quick edits to bring in video to final reports for a more convincing presentation.

Inquire Services

Collect and analyze business customer and consumer data for competitive advantage

I am a particularly creative quantitative research designer. I use a variety of partners to bring complex quantitative research studies to fruition. I am particularly good at combining and altering approaches to make challenging projects work. I can make your quantitative research easier, more sophisticated and more impactful.

Unique HauckEye Methods

Develop the best process for meeting customers needs with a Points of Truth Analysis.

I've developed a simpler and more elegant alternative to MaxDiff, and I am happy to share it with you.

Immersive Ethnography can help identify customers hidden needs. Focus on what people really do versus what they say they do.

HauckEye can…

  • Build a new insights function from scratch
  • Recruit and vette insights professionals for your team
  • Identify organizational insights needs and recommend appropriate work to support decision making
  • Develop an insights work plan and budget
  • Coordinate teams within and outside your organization
  • Build an operational process with manuals and training
  • Fill in for insights team members on leave
  • Provide internal project management
  • Develop reports and conduct presentations as needed
  • Conduct qualitative and quantitative research projects

I can do these things to save you time, energy, focus and to reduce your distractions. I’m an expert resource with tremendous experience and energy. I’m a positive influence. I can make you and your team better and happier!


Chris and I worked together to on the MSMR Insights Conference planning committee in both 2015-2019. Chris is a fantastic researcher and even better person who has helped to mentor dozens of marketing research students over the years. His work ethic, sharp mind, and warm personality are second to none. If you’re an insights professional looking to do some ethnography work in 2020, there is no one easier to work with.

— Ben V.

I’m delighted to write about my experience of having worked with Chris on global strategic and tactical projects within the market research sector. Throughout that time (since 1995) and to this present day I have found Chris to be an incredibly diligent, knowledgeable and the most trusted of colleagues. I would have no hesitation in recommending him for any senior lead role in any organisation or to head up any high profile market research project. He has an uncanny ability to demystify the complex and break it down to understandable components. He grasps issues and challenges with ease and with a level of swiftness that I continually admire.

— Bob Q.

I had the pleasure of working with Chris on a very complex project that needed a very special partner to really engage with our target audience to understand how to serve our members and clients in a rapidly evolving marketplace. Chris not only was able to completely understand the complex landscape but also created an incredibly valuable market research program and engagement forum where we learned invaluable information that influenced our entire approach as an organization. I will absolutely use Chris again in the future and would recommend him to any organization looking to understand and engage their target audience in an authentic and meaningful way.

— Alison B.