Across generations, we view each other very differently and we see ourselves very differently as well. 

Connecting Generations

This project is designed to bridge the gaps in our knowledge and to help clear up misunderstandings between generations who will rely on each other to meet their goals in life.  We depend on each other to be successful, to grow and to meet needs that are important and yet very different to each generation. Through this work, we seek to improve relations between different generations, to help people be better friends, coworkers and mentors.  To allow for better work and social environments.

RESEARCH OBJECTIVE: Understand generational differences among marketing research professionals with the goal of teaching connection strategies. 

METHODOLOGY: 29 online in depth zoom based interviews 1000 online panel based interviews with 250 per generation.

RESULTS: Presentations planned for the Insights Association’s Corporate Researcher’s Conference and the Qualitative Research Consultants Association conference.

PARTNERSHIP: Erin Sowell, of Thoughtful Research has provided a young perspective on this project and has been a fantastic friend and partner.

SUPPLIER PARTNERS: We have had wonderful supplier partners on this project who have provided their services in support of our project. I highly recommend this set of research suppliers as friends and capable research partners.